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Proposed Changes to the BAAS Constitution at the AGM


Proposed Changes to the BAAS Constitution at the AGM

Change to Charitable Incorporated Organisation


At the next BAAS AGM, to be held at 15.30 on Friday 8 April 2016 as part of the annual conference at Queen’s University Belfast, some important proposals will be brought for consideration.


The Executive are proposing a change in BAAS’s status and registration with the Charity Commission, involving a move from being an unincorporated charity to being a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). This will give us status as a legal entity. The proposal is motivated by a wish to safeguard the future sustainability of BAAS and bring greater protection against potential liability for all members.


As part of this change, we propose to adopt a lengthier constitution adapted from the template provided for CIOs by the Charity Commission, and an update of BAAS’s registered charity aims. The proposed new constitution includes almost all of our current constitution but also offers a fuller set of regulations around, for example, the role of charity trustees.


You can view our current constitution here:


To read the proposed new constitution, with annotation on any departures from our current constitution, please click here [Link to word document with highlighting and track changes]


Information from the Charity Commission on CIOs:


The proposals, including the revised aims, will come to the AGM for discussion and a vote. If you would like to pass on views to the committee before the AGM, please contact Secretary Jenny Terry


Sue Currell and Jenny Terry