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Notice of BAAS AGM 2019


Notice of BAAS AGM 2019

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Journal of American Studies (Cambridge University Press)

Call for New Co-Editors or Editor, and Associate Editors

Applications are invited from British Association for American Studies members for the positions of Co-Editors or Editor, and two Associate Editors of the Journal of American Studies.

The Journal of American Studies is one of the most important area studies journals in the world. It is genuinely inter-, cross- and multi-disciplinary and attracts submissions from academics across the world. The Editor(s) and Associate Editors play crucial roles in determining the Journal’s direction and contents. BAAS is therefore keen to appoint individuals who can demonstrate the appropriate level of experience and commitment to ensure that the Journal builds on its reputation for publishing innovative and challenging scholarship of the highest quality.

The Editor(s) has responsibility for the overall running of the Journal, including (but not limited to) screening initial submissions, appointing peer reviewers, adjudicating across reports, commissioning special editions, writing quarterly and annual reports, liaising with CUP’s production and editorial teams, promoting the Journal at national and international events, inaugurating new initiatives and determining the direction and overall intellectual vision of the Journal. Associate Editors coordinate the Journal’s large reviews section, commissioning roundtables and allocating publications for review to suitable reviewers.

The current Co-Editors have successfully established a model of co-editorship that the appointing panel is happy to see continued. BAAS would therefore welcome applications from members of the American Studies community who wish to work together in a co-editorial model, although candidates who wish to take on the role as individuals will also be considered. Similarly, BAAS is keen to continue the co-editors model at the Associate Editor level.

BAAS is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion. It wishes to attract applications from candidates who can demonstrate a commitment to promoting equality within the American Studies field and who will work to protect and enhance JAS’s reputation for promoting equality, diversity, and inclusivity across rank, intellectual profile, and background.

All positions will formally commence on 1 January 2019 and last for four years.  Each successful candidate will start a ‘shadowing’ process in autumn 2018, by arrangement with the current Editors, Professor Celeste-Marie Bernier and Dr. Bevan Sewell. Each post receives a salary appropriate to its responsibilities, with the JAS Editor or Co-Editors also receiving a share of the profits BAAS receives from the Journal’s subscriptions. In 2017, the Co-Editors shared a base salary of £5,500 plus profit share, and the Associate Editors each received £1,800.

Applicants for all posts should send (i) a summary CV, (ii) a vision statement of up to 500 words, and (iii) a letter in support of your application as email attachments to Chair of the BAAS Publications Subcommittee, Dr. Joe Street at joe.street [at] The closing date for applications is Friday 2 February 2018. Interviews will be held at the BAAS conference, 4-7 April 2018 in central London.

For further information on the positions, applicants are invited to contact the current Editors, Prof. Celeste-Marie Bernier at or Dr. Bevan Sewell at and Associate Editors Dr. Nick Witham at or Dr. Sinéad Moynihan at

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US Embassy (London) / British Association for American Studies Small Grants Programme

The British Association for American Studies (BAAS), supported by the United States Embassy, London, offers small grants for cultural, educational and outreach activities that will foster American Studies and otherwise enhance the understanding of the United States in the United Kingdom. Applications for activities that introduce new audiences to American studies and / or have a focus on children, young people, and disadvantaged communities are welcome. Applicants need to show how they intend to actively promote an understanding of the United States and how they will engage with American studies communities and the wider public. Grants may be requested for a range of activities, including (but not limited to):

  • Curriculum development, including schools activities;
  • Student exchanges;
  • US and UK Speaker programs;
  • Film and arts programming;
  • Conferences and symposia;
  • Faculty development and exchange;
  • Public dissemination of academic research.

 Application Process and Deadlines

Please complete and submit the US Embassy / British Association for American Studies Small Grants Programme Form [LINK] to by the appropriate deadline of 15 September 2016 (for activities commencing on or after 1 November 2016) or 13 January 2017 (for activities commencing on or after 1 March 2017). All activity must be completed by 31 October 2017. Applications will be assessed by a panel with representation from the US Embassy, the American Studies community and others. Applicants will normally be notified of a decision within one month of the deadline. Successful applicants will be required to submit financial information to BAAS for the processing of payments within three weeks of notification, and to provide a final narrative and financial report within three weeks of the completion of their project. As per instructions that will be provided with the grant letter, the British Association for American Studies and the US Embassy must be acknowledged in all publicity relating to the grant and in any future publications arising from it.




These grants cannot be used for the supply of food or drink, or for prizes. Where flights to/from the United States are included, these must (under the Fly America Act) be provided by a US carrier. Further information will be provided in the grant letter. There are maximum figures payable for honoraria and for subsistence and overnight accommodation; again, further details will be provided. Awards cannot be made retrospectively.

Proposed Changes to the BAAS Constitution at the AGM

Change to Charitable Incorporated Organisation


At the next BAAS AGM, to be held at 15.30 on Friday 8 April 2016 as part of the annual conference at Queen’s University Belfast, some important proposals will be brought for consideration.


The Executive are proposing a change in BAAS’s status and registration with the Charity Commission, involving a move from being an unincorporated charity to being a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). This will give us status as a legal entity. The proposal is motivated by a wish to safeguard the future sustainability of BAAS and bring greater protection against potential liability for all members.


As part of this change, we propose to adopt a lengthier constitution adapted from the template provided for CIOs by the Charity Commission, and an update of BAAS’s registered charity aims. The proposed new constitution includes almost all of our current constitution but also offers a fuller set of regulations around, for example, the role of charity trustees.


You can view our current constitution here:


To read the proposed new constitution, with annotation on any departures from our current constitution, please click here [Link to word document with highlighting and track changes]


Information from the Charity Commission on CIOs:


The proposals, including the revised aims, will come to the AGM for discussion and a vote. If you would like to pass on views to the committee before the AGM, please contact Secretary Jenny Terry


Sue Currell and Jenny Terry