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University of Hull


University of Hull

University-of-Hull1Period: Year. Third Year of 4-year degree, Also offer the option of 1 semester, first semester of final year, to joint students in English, history, film and philosophy.

Exchange Universities: University of Alabama (Birmingham and Tuscaloosa); University of Alaskal; Northern Arizona University; Baldwin Wallace; California State University system; Carroll University; Central Washington Univeristy; Florida International University; John Carroll University; University of Iowa ; University of Illinois (Springfield) ; University of Kansas ; Louisiana State University ; University of Maine; University of New Mexico ; New York State Univeristy (Albany) ; North Carolina State Univeristy (Raleigh) ; University of North Carolina (Greensboro and Wilmington) ; University of North Texas ; Northern Iowa University ; University of South Carolina ; University of Utah; Washington College ; Western Washington University ; University of Wyoming

Exchange Tutor: Dr Jenel Virden