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The British Association for American Studies is pleased to maintain a list of news and events from across the American Studies community.

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Latest News and Events

    Jesse Armstrong | Writing America from the Outside

    The show-runner of HBO's "Succession" on writing America from the outside-in.

    Decolonizing Testimony: Frederick Douglass and Primo Levi

    On 8th May 2024, the Birkbeck Institute for the Study of Antisemitism is hosting a public lecture during Birkbeck's Arts Week 2024, where Professor Bryan Cheyette (University of Reading) will bring together the narratives and memories of two groups of people who suffered under slavery: the victims of the slave plantations in the American South before the American Civil War; and those who underwent forced labour in the concentration camps in Europe. He will focus on two icons: Frederick Douglass and Primo Levi.

    Time To Get Ready – Civil Rights Movement Photograpy Exhibition and Talk with Maria Varela

    Civil Rights Movement activist, organiser and photographer Maria Varela's work will be exhibited at St John's College from the 29th of April 2024 to the 18th of May 2024. There will also be a talk with Maria Varela on the 30th of April at the Rothermere American Institute, where she will share her experiences photographing the South during this time. From events such as the Meredith March Against Fear, to profiling leaders such as Fannie Lou Hamer, Varela’s photography offers an important perspective on one of the most significant periods of reckoning in American history.

    Bicentennial Celebration & Symposium – Celebrating Master Juba: 200 Years On, Saturday 4th May

    Upcoming celebration and symposium in Liverpool on Sat 4th May, for the bicentennial birth of tap dancer William Henry Lane ('Master Juba), who received fame across both sides of the Atlantic! More info and tickets below, and expressions of interest / calls for participants who may wish to speak, participate, or get involved in any parts of the celebration are very welcome - please contact us at Celebrating Master Juba: 200 Years On The bicentennial birth of tap dancer William Henry Lane Saturday 4th May – 12:30-9:30pm

    Beyond Hostile Islands: The Pacific War in American and New Zealand Fiction Writing

    This monograph offers the first comparative examination of American and New Zealand fiction writing, taking the Pacific War as a locus point. It utilizes postcolonial theory, island studies, and trauma theory to determine the extent to which ideologies traceable to the Second World War continue to manifest in fiction writing. In light of current discussions surrounding Christopher Nolan's film Oppenheimer, Chapter 5's focus on novelizations of the Manhattan Project story is especially timely.

    Decoloniality: Difficulties and Multiplicities: Teaching American Studies Network Symposium Call For Papers

    The Teaching American Studies Network invites proposals for a one-day symposium to be held at the University of Warwick on 9 July 2024. The theme for the 2024 Symposium is “Decoloniality: Difficulties and Multiplicities”.

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