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Teaching American Culture - Short Essays


The European Journal of American Culture is currently soliciting short articles for a new series about ‘Teaching American Culture’. We want to publish short pieces – around 1 to 3,000 words – that engage with some aspect of teaching American culture in its broadest sense. As such, we are looking for succinct writing that explores classroom ideas, practice, and theory. The pieces should focus on American culture such as: literary texts and broader print culture; theatre, film and television; music; video games; visual art, etc. If you are interested in contributing something not on this list, get in touch. There is no set deadline, we’ll be publishing them across our issues along with the usual journal articles and reviews.

These pieces might take the form of:

  • An overview of a teaching activity
  • An assessment outline
  • A syllabus innovation
  • A learning and teaching strategy
  • An engagement with pedagogic theory in a particular context
  • A vignette about a specific teaching moment
  • A ‘how-to’ approach to teaching specific texts
  • Engagement with cultural texts that are seen to be ‘difficult’, ‘confusing’, or ‘boring’
  • A reflective account of your practice
  • A dialogue between multiple teachers, or with students
  • A speculative essay about the future of our field(s)
  • And much more

Each article should be formatted as per the journal’s style sheet, and should include keywords, a short abstract, and contact information.

You should send your piece to the journal via the submission link, but you can get in touch with Dr Chris Lloyd, as Co-Editor of the journal to discuss in more detail.