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Epistemic Crisis: Journalism, Academia and the Production of Knowledge - British Association for American Studies


Epistemic Crisis: Journalism, Academia and the Production of Knowledge


Call For Papers


Epistemic Crisis:

Journalism, Academia & the Production of Knowledge


University College Dublin


8-9 March 2024


Keynote Speakers include: Idrees Ahmad (University of Essex/New Lines Magazine), Henry Farrell (Johns Hopkins University/Monkey Cage), Alexa Koenig (University of California Berkeley), Gary Younge (University of Manchester/The Guardian)


Journalism and academia have interlinked yet divergent histories as forms of knowledge production, evolving different working assumptions and practices, and different institutional worldviews. In recent years, partly due to the similar challenges they face – wide public distrust in institutions of knowledge and the erosion of public spheres – there are increasing signs of collaboration and cross-fertilisation, as well as shared anxieties about the future.


This conference, organised by UCD Clinton Institute and The Conversation, will scope emerging relations between knowledge production, technologies and public life, and look ahead with ideas on how to build trust and confidence in public knowledge.


We invite proposals for individual papers or full panels. Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words. Please send your abstract to by 15 January 2024.


This conference marks the launch of a new MA in Journalism and International Affairs programme at University College Dublin. This programme is a collaboration between UCD Clinton Institute and CNN Academy.


For fuller details on the conference and to register, please visit or contact