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Historical Perspectives on Gendered State Violence: Call for Contributors - British Association for American Studies


Historical Perspectives on Gendered State Violence: Call for Contributors


The historical perspectives on gendered state violence project aim to consider the longer trajectories in American history that built cultures and institutions of violence. We are particularly interested in how gendered state violence intersects with race and immigration status, sexuality and gender identity, and age. We also seek narratives of resistance and anti-carceral activism, as well as transnational perspectives. While we tend to focus on histories of policing and incarceration, we frame state violence broadly. 

Following a successful seminar series, in collaboration with the British Association of American Studies and Oxford University’s Rothermere American Institute, we are now accepting proposals for an online platform exploring the meanings of gendered state violence throughout history. 

We welcome submissions in various forms, including feature-length discussions that look at a particular theme, pieces considering ethical topics regarding the study of the history of gendered state violence, or short discussions of a particular historical sources (for instance an image, document, film). We would also be interested in commissioning creative submissions or personal essays. Standard submissions should be between 750 and 1000 words, though we welcome pitches for shorter pieces. 

If you are interested in contributing a piece, please send a short pitch (less than 250 words) by Friday March 10th, 2023 to Lizzie Evens (, from where it will be reviewed by the team; Liz Barnes ( and Grace Watkins ( We are keen to hear pitches from scholars at every career stage, including undergraduate and masters students, as well as those working outside the academy. 

We are able to offer remuneration for full-length pieces thanks to the generous support of the BAAS development fund.