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Call for Papers: 2023 ANZASA Conference, Sydney Australia - British Association for American Studies


Call for Papers: 2023 ANZASA Conference, Sydney Australia


In the last two decades, new modes of social connectivity and disruption have altered the way people inside and outside of the United States live, work, study, socialise, and, consequently, engage with politics and political inclusion. Popular and scholarly attempts to interpret these transformations often reach for explanations in the shifting currents of technology and new media, demographics and identity, renewed political polarisation, or the resurgence of an authoritarian nationalism. Yet almost all these themes – technological connectivity, ethnonationalism, demographic change, and paranoid styles of political thought – predominate through the long histories of American politics and culture. So too do impulses toward political unity and social collectivism, the conflicted aspirations toward a good life, and the contested belief in a commonweal.

In 2023, ANZASA invites papers that historicise, transnationalise, interpret, or prognosticate on these connectivities and conflicts, as well as on the abiding yet ever-changing pursuit of political community in America. We welcome submissions from scholars working on all areas of American studies—from literature, film, and history to politics and international relations—and covering any time period. We encourage panel proposals, roundtable discussions, and individual paper proposals. This conference will be in person only.

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Proposals: Individual paper proposals should include a title and 250-word abstract. Panel and roundtable proposals should include a title, a 250-word abstract for each constituent paper, and an abstract of 250 words or less describing the panel as a whole, in addition to 250-word biographies for each participant which include institutional affiliation, where appropriate, preferred pronoun, if desired, and an email address for each participant.

For enquiries, contact, or Lecturer of American Studies Aaron Nyerges

Deadline for submissions: submissions should be emailed to no later than June 1, 2023.