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2022 American Politics Group/BAAS Colloquium - British Association for American Studies


2022 American Politics Group/BAAS Colloquium

We’re delighted that our first face-to-face event since the pandemic will take place this autumn. The 2022 American Politics Group/BAAS Colloquium will take place on Friday, November 11th, and will be held in the Foyle Room of the British Library between 12.30 and 6pm. Taking place just three days after the US midterm elections, there will be plenty to discuss concerning the impact of the results on the US Congress, the Biden presidency, and US domestic and foreign policy.Our keynote speaker will be Dr Richard Johnson (QMUL). Richard has written extensively about US politics and elections, in particular. Richard’s keynote address will examine the historical and contemporary significance of the midterm elections.In addition, we will have a vibrant roundtable discussion chaired by former Chair of the APG, Dr Andy Wroe (Kent). Andy will be posing questions to the panellists on the election results, discussing voter turnout, partisanship, the impact of the results, and assess the Biden presidency to date.

Finally, we will end with our traditional visit by two former members of US Congress as part of the Congress to Campus initiative. Dr Alex Waddan will pose questions to both Representatives on their experience in Congress, their thoughts on the midterm results, and how they see the future of American politics.

We’d love for you to join us. Registration for the event is £25 for the waged, and £5 for concessions. Full details on the programme and the link for registration can be found on Eventbrite here: