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Teaching American Studies Network


The Teaching American Studies Network, founded in 2020, organises events to support members in developing their teaching quality and in thinking about American Studies pedagogy.

Steering Group:

  • Lydia Plath (University of Warwick), lead
  • Kate Ballantyne (York St John University)
  • Hilary Emmett (University of East Anglia)
  • Miguel Hernandez (Aberystwyth University)
  • Sarah Thelen (University College Cork)
  • Andrew Watts

To join the network, please email Lydia Plath.

Recent Publications

Exchange: A Signature Pedagogy for American Studies in the UK, Journal of American Studies 57:1 (2023)

Upcoming Events

24 March 2023, 12-1.30 – Pedagogy in a Cost of Living Crisis

Join us for a discussion of issues of poverty, class, and inclusion, and how the cost of living crisis impacts our pedagogies.
Reading: NSS Student Cost of Living Report (September 2022)
Please register in advance via Zoom.

April 2023 (BAAS Annual Conference):
Teaching American Studies Network Event: Teaching American Studies in Britain
In this networking event, Dr Lydia Plath and Dr Megan Hunt will share their plans for a collection of essays and dialogues that explore teaching American Studies in UK higher education, and offer opportunities for comment and discussion about what means to teach American Studies in the UK.

Panel – Setting Boundaries: Managing Workloads and Expectations in American Studies HE
This panel, hosted by the BAAS Teaching American Studies Network, will explore the issues of wellbeing, workload, and managing expectations in academic careers. Whether PhD candidates just starting teaching, early career academics juggling multiple teaching posts, colleagues new to full time employment, or more established scholars dealing with the “other duties” required by their contracts, working in UK HE is challenging. The panel will draw on their own experiences in a “talk-show” format, discussing how to manage the expectations of students, colleagues, and managers, and offering tips and advice about how to establish boundaries (and stick to them).

Past Events

November 2022-January 2023: TASN Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom Reading Group Sessions 

September 2022 – Wellbeing in the Learning and Teaching Space

April 2022 – Pedagogical Publishing and Developing a Teaching-Focused Career

April 2022 – Getting Hired in American Studies

April 2022 – How to Talk Articulately about your Teaching Practice

January 2022 – Teaching American Studies to International Students

September 2021 – Inclusive Pedagogies in American Studies

April 2021 – Developing a Signature Pedagogy for American Studies in the UK

January 2021 – Coping with Blended, Socially Distanced, and Online Teaching in American Studies