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BAAS exists to promote, support, and encourage the study of the United States including in Colleges and Schools across the United Kingdom. We recognize that educators in this sector play a crucial role in inspiring the interest of young people in US affairs and we seek to offer opportunities to contribute to this work. Our present offer can be found below. The work is overseen by members of the Association’s Schools Working Group, and we would be interested in hearing from those across the sector. 

Schools Newsletter

We are pleased to share editions of the BAAS Schools Newsletter which can download and access below.

Winter 2024 newsletter

Summer 2023 newsletter


  • Schools Essay Award
    We are looking for essays that explore any aspect of the American experience, from the perspective of history, literature, film, politics or any other related or inter-related discipline. If you feel more comfortable to do so, you are welcome to respond to a specific question of your own choosing. No preference will be given, whether you choose to write on a topic of your own choice, or if you respond to a specific question.
  • Schools Essay Award for Students of Colour
    In order to tackle the significant obstacles in higher education that are caused by systemic racism, and to make clear not only the commitment of BAAS to making the study of America in the UK more inclusive, but also to demonstrate the fundamentally important place scholars of colour have, BAAS is eager to support scholars of colour through this essay prize which is open exclusively to Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latinx, Arab, and any other students of colour/Global Majority students.

For full details of our School Essay Awards, including deadlines and how to apply, please see our Awards pages.


  • The BAAS Teachers’ Network is comprised of UK educators who teach about or are interested in any aspect of the US. The network is open to educators from any subject, and aims to begin offering regular updates on the organization’s activities and resources. To join the network, or hear more, please complete this form.
  • Barringer/Monticello Teacher Award
    The British Association for American Studies (BAAS), in conjunction with the Thomas Jefferson Foundation (TJF) and the International Center for Jefferson Studies (ICJS), is delighted to announce the 2023 Barringer/Monticello Teacher Award. This award gives the opportunity for teachers based in the UK to attend the Monticello Summer Institute, a week-long immersive, professional development programme that provides educators the opportunity to research and learn at Monticello in Charlottesville, VA. For full details of the Award, including deadlines and how to apply, please see our Awards pages.