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BAAS Awards Guidelines For Submission


The information below is designed to help potential applicants who wish to enter any one of the awards on offer through BAAS during 2022-2023

BAAS would like to remind potential candidates that due to the very high levels of applications that the Association now receives, it is very important that the guidelines are followed as far as possible, for fear of doing otherwise may bring disqualification from a given competition. The instructions are as comprehensive as they can be, though questions may always arise that are not covered by the following points. If there are queries as regards any of the awards, however, it is always possible to contact us on; you can also email directly one of the award co-chairs: and

Please note that membership of BAAS is mandatory in order to be eligible for most of the BAAS awards and prizes. Applicants will need to supply their membership number, which can be found by logging into the BAAS website and navigating to Member-BAAS Community-Profile.

BAAS Research Assistance Awards

1] Submission of your application and reference letter

BAAS would like to remind potential applicants that the rules for submission in the Research Assistance category have been slightly amended. Application forms are now available directly online. However, a letter of recommendation still needs to be sent to us by e-mail at Please indicate in the subject line the name of the Award for which you are applying. The letter of recommendation (which may be sent by e-mail directly by the referee) should also clearly indicate the award in question, and the applicant’ s name. BAAS will not pursue the referee for this reference; it is solely the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that it is submitted by the deadline.

Please make sure that included with your submission is an up-to-date email address.

2] Results of the competition

BAAS will contact each applicant in turn who has entered the Research Assistance Award competition to let them know the outcome of this year’s process. Candidates should expect to hear the outcome of deliberations by April.

BAAS Essay Competitions

The BAAS School, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Essay Awards.

1] Submission of the Essay

Each essay, in whatever competition, must adhere to the guidelines set out below.

All essays should be anonymous. No names or institutional affiliation must appear on the essay itself, only on the covering letter attached with essay (both must be submitted by e-mail to by the relevant deadline; please indicate the name of the Award for which you are applying in the subject line).

2] Results of the Essay competitions

Please note that while the Association would like to communicate the results of the essay competitions to all candidates, the number of entries received simply make that impossible. Therefore only winners and honourable mentions in each category will be notified of the results. If candidates have not received notification of the standing of their essay by the beginning of April, then they should assume that the essay has not been successful on this occasion.


In each of the categories above, the Association would urge potential applicants to read the guidelines provided under the Awards tab as carefully as possible.

The rules for sending on references and for submitting forms electronically work in exactly the same way for each of these awards and, as with above, BAAS would like to point out in particular that failure to provide satisfactory references in the appropriate categories where it is required may result in disqualification from any one of these competitions.