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British Association for American Studies


BAAS Executive Committee


Below you can find out more about the British Association for American Studies’ executive committee.

The association is administered by an elected committee, including five officers.

BAAS Officers

  • Dr Lydia Plath – Chair
  • Dr Christine Okoth- Vice Chair
  • Dr Mark McLay and Dr Catherine Armstrong – Co-Treasurers
  • Dr Rachel Williams – Secretary

Executive Committee

  • Dr Lydia Plath
  • Dr Christine Okoth
  • Dr Mark McLay
  • Dr Catherine Armstrong
  • Dr Rachel Williams
  • Dr Jenny Woodley (EAAS Representative)
  • Dr Elsa Devienne
  • Dr Jonathan Ward
  • Dr Rachel Farebrother
  • Dr Rachele Dini
  • Dr Gavan Lennon
  • Dr Andrew Fearnley
  • Ms Emma Hall (Postgraduate Representative)
  • Dr Sarah Thelen

ex officio

  • Dr Will Norman (Co-Editor, Journal of American Studies)
  • Dr Katie McGettigan (Co-Editor, Journal of American Studies)
  • Ben Atkinson (Digital Networks Manager)

Co-opted to Executive Committee

  • Dr Rebecca Tillet (Green BAAS Representative)
  • Dr Emily Brady (Early Career Representative)


Development and Education

  • Dr Rachel Farebrother (Chair)
  • Dr Lydia Plath
  • Dr Jenny Woodley
  • Dr Christine Okoth
  • Dr Rebecca Stone (Schools Working Group)
  • Dr Andrew Fearnley
  • Dr Emily Brady
  • Ms Emma Hall


  • Dr Jonathan Ward (Co-Chair)
  • Dr Elsa Devienne (Co-Chair)
  • Dr Chris Lloyd
  • Dr Catherine Armstrong
  • Dr Sarah Thelen

Publications and Knowledge Exchange

  • Dr Rachele Dini (Chair)
  • Dr Will Norman
  • Dr Katie McGettigan
  • Prof. Martin Halliwell (ex officio, BAAS Paperbacks Editor)
  • Dr Joe Street (ex officio, BAAS Paperbacks Editor)
  • Sarah Collier (ex officio, USSO Co-Editor)
  • Robyn Shooter (ex officio, USSO Co-Editor)
  • Dr Kathryn Gray
  • Dr Mark McLay


  • Dr Gavan Lennon (Chair)
  • Dr Rachel Williams
  • Dr Rebecca Tillett
  • Dr David Ballantyne (Keele 2023 Organiser)