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Call for Expressions of Interest: BAAS Code of Conduct Team - British Association for American Studies


Call for Expressions of Interest: BAAS Code of Conduct Team

We are looking for BAAS members who are interested in making BAAS a more inclusive place to join our Code of Conduct Team.

BAAS strives to ensure that all of its events and activities remain an inclusive, respectful and supportive space for scholars, students, teachers and the general public, by expecting all members of BAAS and attendees at BAAS events (both online and in person) to abide by our Code of Conduct (available at

BAAS is committed to ensuring that we have a robust reporting process so that our members can be sure that complaints will be dealt with in a timely and fair manner. To this end, we are seeking to recruit a Code of Conduct Team to handle reports of breaches of our Code of Conduct.

We are seeking to appoint a diverse team representing our broad membership in terms of both social position and career stage.

The team will work closely with members of the BAAS Executive Committee to develop a robust reporting process, and will also receive appropriate training. They will not be expected to act in emergency situations, but rather to hear reports, investigate as appropriate, and determine outcomes. They will be separate from, but report to, the BAAS Executive Committee.

We expect that members of the Team will normally serve in this role for two years. In return for this service to the BAAS community, members of the Code of Conduct team will have their conference fee and travel and accommodation expenses for both the BAAS Annual Conference and the BAAS Postgraduate Conference covered by BAAS, and will also receive an honorarium for each case handled.

Please send expressions of interest in this role to Dr Lydia Plath at by 14 December 2022. Please include a brief cv, an explanation of why you wish to join the team, and details of any relevant experience.