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The British Association for American Studies was founded in 1955. It exists to promote, support and encourage the study of the United States in the Universities, Colleges and Schools of the United Kingdom, and by independent scholars. It welcomes all those engaged in or connected with the study of the United States.

The website is the hub of the BAAS community with information on our awards, annual conferences, schools’ liaison work, calls for papers, publications, job listings, related networks and a media contacts database through which we share our expertise. On these pages you can find BAAS news, resources and links, as well as information on our committee structures. We welcome communication from our members and from anyone interested in the work we do to promote the study of the United States in the UK.

The BAAS Awards

Each year, BAAS offers a growing list of awards, prizes, teaching assistantships, and research assistance awards. In recent years, we have added a new essays award for students of colour at school, undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and, in light of the climate crisis and our commitment to promote low-carbon research practices, we transformed the travel assistance awards into research assistance awards, offering the possibility of hiring research assistants to pursue archival research remotely.

Find out more about the BAAS Awards and how to apply, on our BAAS Awards Page.

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